Maira Abbasi. Cresskill. New Jersey

I was born in Pakistan in 1971. From my formative years I grew up in a home surrounded by art, music and  literature . Exposure to the magical stories of The Arabian Nights, the pure genius of the Old Masters and the sound of Chopin developed an appreciation in me for art in a universal way.

After completing my BFA in 1995 from Hunerkada College of Visual and Performing Arts Islamabad, I went on to hold several shows and participated in various art related projects.

My work has been published in various newspapers and magazines. I have endeavored to give back to the community by donating my art to various charities.

To me, the greatest pleasure is to create and share my work with an audience.

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life"

Pablo Picasso.

                                                            Inspiration and Influences

I draw inspiration from the great legacy left behind by my family and the tragedy that lies behind the fall of great dynasties. My grandfather was the descendant and last Amir of the Abbasid Caliphate 750CE. It came to be known as the golden age of learning, literature and art. During the time of Caliph Harun Ul Rashid Abbasi, the famed One thousand and one nights (Arabian nights) was compiled. My trips to the magnificent Abbasi palaces, the Derawar fort in the heart of the mystical Cholistan desert steeped in history and sufiasim have greatly influenced my work and the artist I aspire to be.

 I am intrigued by the opulence and grandeur of Islamic art, architecture and calligraphy and intricately crafted infinite patterns, honeycomb ceilings, life sustaining fountains, reflective pools, breezy sunbathed corridors with jewel like mosaics. 

"The Idea is not to live forever but to create something that will"

Andy Warhol.


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Gulzaar Mahal built 1875

by Amir Sadiq Khan Abbasi IV 

Noor Mahal built 1875

by Amir Sadiq Khan Abbasi V 

Darbar Mahal built 1905

 by Amir Bahawal Khan V 

Darawar Fort built 1732

 by Abbasi's

      Gulzaar  Mahal built 1875                         Noor Mahal built 1875

 by Amir Sadiq Khan Abbasi IV               by Amir Sadiq Khan Abbasi V 


        Darbar Mahal built 1905                       Darawar Fort built 1732

        by Amir Bahawal Khan V                                 by Abbasi's




To me art has no linguistic or geographical boundaries. It bridges gaps and challenges society to self reflect igniting intellectual conversation.

 DNA carries within it the footprint of human appearance and behavior, to me art embodies the DNA of a society.  Even though change and assimilation is imperative, understanding of ones origin is important. I hope that my work can contribute to the richness and diversity of the vibrant patchwork of art influences in the world.


I have chosen to break away from conventional flat surfaces and have used 3 dimensional boards with heavy textures to give a strong architectural feel. Intricate filigree work has been incorporated with opulent golds and coppers to celebrate the rich craftsmanship found in Islamic architecture. My color pallet consists of jewel tones as well as elements of, water, air and fire. I have used calligraphy as a form of highly stylized script with movement and motion. My work maybe far from perfection but perhaps it is explicit to quote...

" were I to await perfection, my book would never be finished"   Tai-T'Ung.

Artist Cv


Hunerkada College of visual and performing arts. Islamabad. Pakistan. BFA with honors 1995.


2019-    Art expo NYC. Manhattan. USA

2015-    Cresskill Public Library. Cresskill. NJ. USA

2015-    Ocean County Library. Toms River. NJ. USA

2001-   Alliance Francais. Karachi. Pakistan.

2001-   Canvas Art Gallery. Karachi. Pakistan.

2000- Zenaini Art Gallery. Karachi. Pakistan.

1999-    V.M Art Gallery. Karachi. Pakistan

1999-    M.Zubairi Art Gallery. Islamabad. Pakistan

1998-    Marriott Islamabad. Pakistan.

1998-    M.Zubairi Art Gallery. Islamabad. Pakistan.

1997-    Gupshup Art Gallery. Islamabad. Pakistan.

1996-    Embassy Of Pakistan. Rome. Italy.

1994-    Pakistan National Council Of Arts. Islamabad. Pakistan.

Public Collection: Commissioned by Pearl Continental Hotel. Lahore. Pakistan.

Paul Harris award by Rotary Club of East Yonkers. New York. USA

Donated Art work to Rotary Club of East Yonkers for Polio fundraiser. 

Donated Art work to LRBT for a fundraiser. (Layton R. Benevolent Trust)

Donated Art work to Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer hospital. Lahore. Pakistan.

4th of July celebration installation art project at US Ambassadors residence. Islamabad. Pakistan.

PNCA All Pakistan Art expo. Islamabad. Pakistan.

Award for Aids awareness project.

Art work published on cover of WWF magazine. 

Sculpture display at Earth day celebrations at American Center. Islamabad. Pakistan.