Ideology and Execution

To me art has no linguistic or geographical boundaries. It bridges gaps and challenges society to self reflect igniting intellectual conversation.

 DNA carries within it the footprint of human appearance and behavior, to me art embodies the DNA of a society.  Even though change and assimilation is imperative, understanding of ones origin is important. I hope that my work can contribute to the richness and diversity of the vibrant patchwork of art influences in the world.

I have chosen to break away from conventional flat surfaces and have used 3 dimensional boards with heavy textures to give a strong architectural feel. Intricate filigree work has been incorporated with opulent golds and coppers to celebrate the rich craftsmanship found in Islamic architecture. My color pallet consists of jewel tones as well as elements of, water, air and fire. I have used calligraphy as a form of highly stylized script with movement and motion. My work maybe far from perfection but perhaps it is explicit to quote...

" were I to await perfection, my book would never be finished" Tai-T'Ung.