Inspiration and Influences

I draw inspiration from the great legacy left behind by my family and the tragedy that lies behind the fall of great dynasties. My grandfather was the descendant and last Amir of the Abbasid Caliphate 750CE. It came to be known as the golden age of learning, literature and art. During the time of Caliph Harun Ul Rashid Abbasi, the famed One thousand and one nights (Arabian nights) was compiled. My trips to the magnificent Abbasi palaces, the Derawar fort in the heart of the mystical Cholistan desert steeped in history and sufiasim have greatly influenced my work and the artist I aspire to be.

 I am intrigued by the opulence and grandeur of architecture with its intricately crafted infinite patterns, honeycomb ceilings, life sustaining fountains, reflective pools, breezy sunbathed corridors with jewel like mosaics. 

Trees have been symbolic since the very beginning of time from The Garden of Eden to the Olive Branch of peace. Within its lofty branches, creatures find refuge and abode. Weary travelers find shelter under its shade and the soulful meditate to find a higher meaning of life. The tree, to me is life sustaining and provides an anchor thru the challenging winds of time.

"The Idea is not to live forever but to create something that will"

Andy Warhol.


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My Ancestral Homes

Gulzaar Mahal built 1875

by Amir Sadiq Khan Abbasi IV 

Noor Mahal built 1875

by Amir Sadiq Khan Abbasi V 

Darbar Mahal built 1905

 by Amir Bahawal Khan V 

Darawar Fort built 1732

 by Abbasi's